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KHDA Inspection Report 2024 - VERY GOOD

Following our latest KHDA school inspection in February 2024, Dubai Heights Academy is proud to announce the inspection result of 'very good' with several outstanding features.

Some of the highlights from the 2024 report include:

  • Very strong academic achievement with excellent teaching regularly seen in all phases of the school.
  • Students’ exceptionally strong personal development.
  • Robust and highly accurate approaches to school self-evaluation and improvement planning implemented by highly capable leaders supported and challenged by excellent governance.
  • A united and dedicated staff across all parts of the school ensure outstanding day-to-day management, establishing a safe, welcoming, and happy community in this very well resourced school.
  • Excellent inclusive education practices and very strong care, guidance. and support, leading to outstanding levels of well-being across the community.

We are delighted for the recognition that our most outstanding feature is our wellbeing provision.

"Due to the unwavering commitment of school leaders, the school's outstanding vision for wellbeing has become a cornerstone of its culture. Members of staff, benefit from comprehensive training and support, and feel both appreciated and highly valued. This fosters a robust capability to not only maintain but also expand this nurturing environment."

Our Board of Governors also expressed their delight at our inspection result.

"We are very proud of all students, staff and stakeholders involved in obtaining this fantastic result, we look forward to improving on the focus areas raised by the KHDA and exceeding our current rating in the future."
- Marc Ferreira, GM of Finance, Seven Tides

"The inspection report is a snapshot and recognises what a great school DHA is every day, day in, day out! I am looking forward to continuing to work with Alison, Rob, the senior leadership team & the Board to drive the strategic development of the school and build on what we have today."
- Jonathan Price, Former Principal / International Schools Director, Eteach

"I express immense pride in the achievement of our school in the latest KHDA inspection, attaining a very good rating. This achievement reflects the dedication and commitment of our entire school community and is a testament to the high standards of education we uphold. I couldn't be prouder of the hard work and perseverance demonstrated by our students, teachers, and staff. This accomplishment is a reflection of collective efforts in creating a nurturing and conducive learning environment that fosters academic excellence and personal growth. Together, we will continue to inspire and empower our students to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on the world."
- Ruba Awwad, Senior Academic Support Specialist, Ministry of Education

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KHDA Summary Report 2023-2024

BSO Inspection Report

In February 2023, Dubai Heights Academy was inspected by British Schools Overseas (BSO) for the very first time and we are pleased to share many stand out strengths; including:

  • Leaders and governors have a clear vision and are fully committed towards achieving excellence in all respects.
  • Strong senior leadership team, led by a highly experienced principal and vice principal, who are highly reflective and have taken effective action to ensure sustainable improvements over time.
  • The school promotes every aspect of a pupil’s development through a broad range of extra-curricular provision.
  • All pupils receive an outstanding level of care, guidance and support. • Inspirational design features of the schools’ accommodation and outdoor premises promotes learning beyond the classroom environment.
  • Students’ progress in English, mathematics and science across all phases, which is particularly strong for pupils with unique needs.
  • The school benefits from an excellent administrative and support team.
  • Robust systems are in place to support the development of teaching, assessment and learning
  • Partnerships with parents are highly effective and there is a welcoming community ethos.
  • Pupils enjoy many opportunities to hold positions of responsibility and take the initiative on whole school events.
  • Strong relationships at all levels enable new pupils to settle quickly into established classes.
  • Exemplary behaviour, high levels of empathy and respect towards others is evident across the school.

Read the full report here

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