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At DHA our house system promotes a sense of pride and belonging and enhances our sense of community spirit. The house system also encourages friendly competition between houses during sports events and by earning house points throughout the school day. Our team names and colours were chosen to acknowledge and celebrate where we live, with our animals all being desert dwellers, and the colours inspired by the UAE National flag.

  • White Wolves - The wolf demonstrates strength, bravery and patience. Wolves have excellent stamina and can show outstanding teamwork while also being able to live and hunt independently. The White is a reflection of the UAE flag colour, signifying peace and unity.
  • Green Gazelles - The Gazelle represents vision, intelligence and adaptability. Gazelles are also known for their wonderful physical characteristics such as agility and endurance. Green signifies the abundance of goodness and agriculture in the UAE.
  • Red Falcons - Throughout history, falcons inspired wisdom, ambition and freedom. Falcons are renowned for their lightning speed and efficiency when hunting. Red represents UAE power and sovereignty.
  • Black Scorpions - Scorpions symbolise adaptability, longevity, and independence. Ancient people portrayed scorpions as protectors against evil and as symbols of power. Black embodies courage and strength within the UAE culture.

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