Moral Education in school

Moral education

The ultimate outcome of the Moral Education Programme at Dubai Heights Academy is to create a generation of citizens who tolerate and accept cultures different than their own and understand and appreciate their own local heritage and culture. Our Primary students have one moral education lesson per week and the values of the programme are also interlinked across all learning each day. We want to ensure our students are armed with the knowledge, resources and skills that allow them to make good, well informed and responsible judgments about challenging matters of moral importance. We support the students to understand their civic system, rights and responsibilities and ensure they are aware of the role they need to play to support and sustain the nation’s developmental effort.

At Dubai Heights Academy, we prepare students and help build character traits such as resilience, perseverance, work ethic and critical thinking. This is closely linked with Dubai Heights Academy Learning and Innovation Skills which we embed across the school on a daily basis.

We teach our students the practical and ethical values which include tolerance, honesty, dignity and respect. Students are encouraged to endear culture, both of the UAE and the wider world, and enable them to value the wealth of culture across the world.
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