Extra Curricular Activities

DHA offers a varied Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) programme to all year groups, both free of charge and at an extra cost from Mondays-Fridays. Free activities are led by DHA Staff whilst paid activities are provided by external providers.

Some of the available paid activities include Ballet, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Karate, Gymnastics, Multi Sports Club and Robotics and we are privileged to team up with a well-known company who run these, ISM Sports.

Some of our school-led and free activities include Arabic Fun, Arabic Calligraphy, Lego Mania, Mindfulness & Yoga, Cool Coders, Debating Club, Drama Club, Youth Theatre, Funky Fingers, Bookaholics, Comic Book Club, Fantastic French, Drawing for Fun, Crafts from Drafts, Sensory Play, Digital Artists, Construction, as well as invitational sports squads.

ECA options change each term, giving the children a chance to engage in a variety of different activities and experiences.

After School Care

In collaboration with ISM Sports, we run a 1 or 2 hour Multi-Activities After School Club for students from FS1-Y10, helping to ease the burden of multiple pickups for siblings.

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dha ecas
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