secondary school in dubai


Dubai Heights Academy Secondary endeavours to provide a curriculum that meets the needs of all of our students and follows the National Curriculum for England as the basis of our curriculum. This has been tailored to comply with local requirements and supplemented with Arabic language, Islamic Studies, Moral Education and Social Studies. In addition, Dubai Heights Academy has partnered with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to develop and deliver a bespoke AI (artificial intelligence) project-based programme to further enrich our broad and balanced curriculum. With a range of student nationalities, our teachers are able to leverage opportunities to adjust the curriculum to include topics, concepts and themes that encompass the cultural diversity of all its students.

We believe that every student deserves the best possible education, regardless of background and ability, and we work with in partnership with our community and with determination to ensure that we unlock their potential. Our aim is to prepare our students to realise their aspirational goals both academically and personally through our supportive approach, which enables our students to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required to be responsible, considerate, tolerant and well-rounded individuals suited to the demands of our ever-changing multicultural society.


We at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with the teachers and students at Dubai Heights Academy to develop and trial an exciting, three-year new project-based learning curriculum for our older students. The program will focus on a very important STEM topic that is transforming society—artificial intelligence (AI). You probably have heard about it in the news and media—both the exciting solutions and applications that it enables, but also concerns about how it might affect people in unintended ways. Today’s reality is that if you are using online web services, mobile apps, smartphones, social media, etc., you are already interacting with AI-powered systems and technologies. We want to prepare students to be ethical designers and conscientious users of AI technologies. The job opportunities for those with competence in AI are already growing rapidly worldwide across diverse industries and markets, and the future is very bright for students who have skills in computational thinking and artificial intelligence.

To help prepare students at DHA to be successful in the AI-powered present and future, we take the approach of “learning-through-making”—otherwise known as Constructionism. Students in this program shall be active learners who will work with other students on creative projects that have personal meaning and tie into their community and social good. In this way, students not only learn technical skills and concepts in AI and computational thinking, but they also learn important teamwork and 21st-century skills such as collaboration, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and design thinking. They will be building computational projects using student-friendly coding platforms like Scratch and App Inventor, both invented at MIT!