Scholarships Programme

Dubai Heights Academy’s newly launched scholarships programme is offered to students in Year 3 to Year 10, to recognise the achievements of those who are academically gifted, as well as those with exceptional abilities in music, performing arts and sports.

The scholarships award up to 75% off KHDA approved school fees and are merit-based, with the terms and conditions determined by the Scholarships Committee, taking into consideration academic performance and extracurricular achievements. Our intention is to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all eligible candidates.

Scholarship Categories and Criteria

There are three scholarship categories, which are open to current and new students. The academic scholarships will launch with immediate effect and current Dubai Heights Academy students will automatically be considered based on our internal assessment data. The music, performing arts and sports scholarships will be launched in the new academic year and will involve an evidence based application process which we will announce shortly.

External candidates must apply to become a student at Dubai Heights Academy before submitting their scholarship application.

Scholarship Category Criteria for 2023-2024
Academic Students will be automatically considered (no application required) and must meet all or most of the following:
  • Exceptional scoring in CAT4 test - mean score of 126 and above and/or 3 of the 4 areas tested are 126+ (Quantitative, Verbal, Non Verbal and Spatial) 
  • Strong attendance record - 94% and above
  • Excellent attitudes to learning
  • Interview with member of the scholarship committee

Music and the Performing Arts Must meet all or most of the following:
  • Notable achievements or awards. e.g. ABRSM Performance Exams / Trinity College Exams / LAMDA / RADA Exams
  • Achieved Grade 5 in at least 1 musical instrument through Trinity or ABRSM valid in the last 3 years
  • Natural ability above age expectations
  • Evidence of live performance/s outside of school in a recognised orchestra and/or band eg NYO
  • Performance audition or submission of a portfolio demonstrating the applicant's skills on their chosen instrument or voice. 
  • Student attitude and effort to school life
  • Letters of recommendation from coaches and teachers
  • Applications are reviewed by the Head of Performing Arts
Sports Students are expected to be committed, enthusiastic energetic sports people who may excel in one sport and are highly proficient in many sports.
  • Local club/national/international sporting representation in at least 1 sport e.g. Football, Swimming, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Golf, Rugby, Athletics, Tennis, Skating, Gymnastics and Dance (not limited to)
  • Valid representation and/or recognised awards in the last 2 years.
  • Supporting evidence of ability including references from external (non-DHA) coaches i.e. club or national coach, details of sports awards or other recognition and competition results for achievement outside of school fixtures.
  • Student attitude and effort to school life
  • Applications are reviewed by the Head of PE

Terms and Conditions for Academic Year 2023-2024

  • Scholarship award to pay up to 75% of KHDA approved annual tuition fees
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount
  • Scholarships offered are dependent on student numbers, class place availability, range and priority of areas a student can contribute to and current balance of scholarships
  • The shortlisted applicant must be interviewed by member/s of the Scholarships Committee and the application signed off by a member of the governing board
  • Annual review by the Scholarships Committee
  • The candidate must maintain an attendance record of 94% and above
  • The Scholar must maintain high levels of achievement
  • Scholarships may be revoked if behaviour, punctuality or attendance is poor
  • Consideration of current balance of scholarships
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