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Students and teachers at Dubai Heights Academy (DHA) together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed and are piloting an exciting new project-based curriculum for students from Year 6 to Year 8. This is part of an initial 3 year partnership between DHA and MIT. The program will focus on a very important STEM topic that is transforming society—artificial intelligence (AI). You probably have heard about it in the news and media—both the exciting solutions and applications that it enables, but also concerns about how it might affect people in unintended ways. Today’s reality is that if you are using online web services, mobile apps, smartphones, social media, etc., you are already interacting with AI-powered systems and technologies. We want to prepare students to be ethical designers and conscientious users of AI technologies. The job opportunities for those with competence in AI are already growing rapidly worldwide across diverse industries and markets, and the future is very bright for students who have skills in computational thinking and artificial intelligence.

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