Current Sports Participation:

DAPSA (Dubai Affiliated Primary School Association) Competitions

This year we have taken part in several different competitions and events against other schools here in Dubai. These include:

            ·          Boys and Girls Football

            ·         Netball

            ·         Cross Country

            ·         Swimming

            ·         Basketball

            ·         Athletics

Next year we plan on taking part in many others.

My Leadership Role:

Firstly, it has been great being a founding teacher at DHA. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to design and grow my own department from scratch as I have been able to do it my own way throughout all stages of the development. Our facilities are world class and I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to teach and coach PE in these facilities as it makes my job a lot easier

Being the solo PE teacher has its many advantages – I have designed the full curriculum based on my own sporting values – I love competitiveness however I also hold a firm belief that all students should feel welcome and included. Therefore, differentiation within PE lessons is a key strength of mine, I believe.

This competitive side of the curriculum is highlighted through our achievements during DAPSA competitions this year. We won many competitions, which shows that our PE program and commitment to sport is having a positive and lasting effect on the students.

Not only should PE act as a medium to improve students’ physical fitness, but it should also be used to increase and promote their cognitive and social well-being. I believe that key traits are learned through physical activity, participation in sports teams and through competition. These include teamwork, leadership, communication, punctuality and empathy to name a few. It is no coincidence that children that play sport are more likely to come out with top grades at GCSE and A-level. In fact, many studies have shown a direct correlation between sporting performance and academic achievement.  

A highlight of my role this year has also been the success of Parent Fitness Club which we run twice per week. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to a holistic approach to exercise – in that healthy living begins at home and families must encourage and support each other in achieving physical literacy.

The future:

The future of DHA sport is a bright one. Next year, we aim to increase the PE program to encompass all aspects of the UK curriculum, which includes a greater focus on gymnastics, dance and racket sports. I also wish to increase the number of children participating in competition by two-fold. This will ensure the younger students (years 1-3) can begin to think about competitive sport and it will prepare them for future years. DHA also aim to host several different events in order to showcase our world class facilities and talented students.

·         Boys and Girls Football

·         Netball

·         Cross Country

·         Swimming

·         Basketball

·         Athletics