Our Primary curriculum is comprehensive, thematic and creative, with clear learning processes and specific learning goals. It is based upon the National Curriculum of England and enhanced through a topic-based approach. We ensure our learning programme is academically rigorous, but is also exciting, active and meaningful for children. We encourage personal learning - cooperation, communication, resilience, thoughtfulness, respect, and morality – and we promote international mindedness.

Six week units cover a range of themes which are relevant and appropriate for different age groups. For example, younger children’s learning may include topics such as ‘Holidays’ or ‘Toys’ which enable children to draw on their own direct experiences. Older children study more complex topics, such as learning about ‘Weather and Climate’ or finding out about ‘The Human Body’. 

Key Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2 (aged 5 - 7 years)

The priority within our Key Stage 1 classes is to ensure that each child’s experiences of school are happy and exciting. Our children are encouraged to develop their creative and physical talents, to think independently and to actively solve problems using their own invention and imagination.

Academic achievement is highly valued at Dubai Heights Academy and secure foundations are laid in Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Information Communication Technology (ICT). The school emphasises the importance of traditional educational standards, and core skills such as reading and number work are a standard feature of the school day. Students are introduced to specialist teaching in Languages, Physical Education and Music. A variety of assessment and continuous monitoring of our children’s development continues throughout their time in KS1.

Key Stage 2 - Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (aged 7 – 11 years)

The solid academic ground work which is laid down in Key Stage 1 acts as a springboard for further development throughout our children’s primary school careers. The school curriculum is designed to allow each of our children to realise their full potential. The curriculum is structured to ensure every child is stretched, challenged and supported when necessary. Our students’ progress is closely monitored at all stages using a variety of internal and external assessments.

At Key Stage 2, core subjects continue to be literacy and numeracy, but as children progress through KS2, they receive increasing levels of specialist teaching in subjects such as Languages, Science, Information Communication Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education.