Extra Curricular


ARTS AND CRAFTS - Children have the chance to show off their artistic side using their fine motor skills!

ICT CLUB - Learn tips and tricks on how to use a computer, iPad and other technical toys!

SPORTS CLUB - Activities and movements to improve skills such as hand-eye coordination and balance!


LITTLE HEROES - Making exercise fun in a non-competitive and inclusive environment through a program based loosely on circuit training

ARTS and CRAFTS - Children will show their creative side and express themselves using paint, sketching, cutting, crafting and modelling techniques!

ARABIC IS FUN! - A fun approach to learning Arabic!

CONSTRUCTION CLUB - Children can express their own ideas using a variety of construction and building materials!

COMMUNICATION & PRESENTATION - Children will work on debating, acting skills and improve effective communication using body language and self expression.

ISLAMIC CLUB -  Recite and memorize important surah in Qura'an and reading Qura'an in Tajweed!

HAMA BEADS - Creative learning through play - helping children to enhance their physical and mental skills!

PUZZLE MANIA - The chance to train the brain and learn to solve a variety of puzzles!

SNOOZELON CLUB - Children have a chance to enjoy yoga, mindfulness and relaxation!

LEARN TO SEW! - An introduction to sewing - Children can make their own textile designs!

SCHOOL MAGAZINE CLUB - Children will create a magazine which will be shared with others too!

BASKETBALL - A team sport where the children will engage in a positive, active and fun environment, while also learning and developing basic Basketball skills.


Hip Hop

 All Run by ISM Sports