Digital Strategy

At Dubai Heights Academy we place a great emphasis on the use of Information Technologies to support and enhance the students learning. The school has state of the art computer facilities. Each Learning Zone has desktop computers and classes have access to an iPad bank where they are able to utilise iPads for 1:1 or group activities.

A large interactive LCD touch screen is installed in every classroom. These allow teachers to teach specific skills and give whole class demonstrations. Students can play educational games in groups and display their work for the class.

ICT activities are integrated across all curriculum areas and are designed to enhance the curriculum and assist the students to achieve specific learning outcomes. ICT is taught by the classroom teachers allowing it to be more easily integrated into all learning areas.

Our major ICT focus is on:

  • Using technology as part of everyday school life to support authentic learning tasks
  • Using educational programs to support and engage students across all curriculum areas
  • Preparing students for life after school