Beyond the Classroom

At Dubai Heights Academy we are absolutely committed to providing the children with a wide and rich range of learning experiences.  Some of the children’s most memorable learning experiences occur outside of the classroom.  Here is a flavour of just some of the activities we plan for children at Dubai Heights Academy. 

Educational Visits 

We build opportunities for children to visit museums, galleries, theatres, parks, places of worship and historical landmarks. We take full advantage of the wealth of educational opportunities Dubai has to offer our children. We expect that all children will participate in all educational visits. 

Specialist visitors and projects

Artists, musicians, sports coaches and theatre groups will frequently visit Dubai Heights Academy to work with the children, providing specialist support in developing new skills. As well as developing a broader range of skills, all of these visitors introduce children to future career opportunities and the world beyond our school. 

After school

Our after-school activities programme runs for children of all ages, each term.  The number and types of activities vary depending on children’s ages but include:  sports, arts and crafts, cookery, gardening, reading, computing, music and choir.  There are also ‘booster’ clubs to support pupils’ maths and English development. 

Residential Trips

In Years 4, 5 and 6 the children have the opportunity to go on a residential outward bounds trip.  In addition to enriching their curriculum experience, these overnight stays provide children with a chance to be independent and develop their friendships with classmates as well as learning new skills.